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WIPER BLADE FRAMELESS / PISANG 26'' Deskripsi Specification: - 100% brand new and high quality - Universal U-Type hook, suit for most kinds of cars - Frameless design, greatly reduces resistance, wind noise and power - Flat aerodynamic blade ensures even pressure to reduce smears - Easy installation and good elastic expansion, which can extend the life of the blade - Applicable to the rain and frost - Material: High Quality Soft Rubber Warna: Black Ukuran Yang Tersedia : Inch 14" 16" 18" 20" 22" 24" 26" How to Install: 1. Remove the original wiper blade. 2. Open the hook of the wiper blade. 3. To set the brush on the U-Type hook. 4. Pull the wiper blade up, make a u-type hook and the wiper blade tight connection. 5. Close the hook of the wiper blade.
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